Giant panda Update Jan 29, 2013

Mei Xiang's den has been transformed for the new breeding season! Observant panda cam viewers have no doubt seen the difference in the configuration of the barred barriers. By shifting the angle of the bars, keepers will be able to have more direct access to Mei Xiang and future cub(s) while they are resting in the nest area. The old bars were recycled, making the renovations not only a little greener, but also a little less overwhelming for Mei Xiang. It was as if the "furniture" was simply rearranged one day.

Keepers are now working on desensitization training (getting her used to the new set up, and getting her comfortable having keepers in close proximity to her while protected by the new barrier). As we had hoped, Mei Xiang is barely fazed by the changes, and is now regularly participating in training sessions in the remodeled den.