#PandaStory: Cub Day 3

This update was written by Laurie Thompson, assistant curator of giant pandas.

Mei Xiang, our 22-year-old giant panda, continues to be a devoted mother. Our newborn cub has little fur and cannot regulate its own body temperature, so Mei Xiang cradles the cub to keep it warm. Interestingly, she has found a new position for holding this cub. Previously, Mei Xiang kept her cubs tucked under her arm. This time, however, she lays on her side with the cub between her forearms.  This position also allows for quick access when mom needs to calm it with a lick!

Mei Xiang is able to get much more rest in this position. Our team is so excited when we see glimpses of the cub. Just like all of you, we are closely monitoring mom and cub via the Panda Cam. We’re keeping an eye out for the cub’s black markings, which become visible after it turns 1 week old.

We so appreciate your continued well wishes and support as we watch the bond between Mei Xiang and her newest cub grow!

This story appears in the Aug. 24 issue of the Giant Panda Bulletin.