Przewalski's Horse Foal Update: Anne's Filly and a New Colt

Anne's filly is doing wonderfully. She cut her first tooth last week!

A second Przewalski's horse foal was born on August 15 to a mare named Solongo (which means "rainbow" in Mongolian). The foal is a little colt born not from artificial insemination but from natural breeding. A Stallion named Frog is the colt’s father. Frog is also the grandfather of the AI filly (he is Anne’s dad). Frog is the most genetically valuable Przewalski's horse in North America.

As the little filly is now more than three weeks old, she was really wanting someone to play with. In the wild, foals are born relatively close together in the spring and summer.

Animal care staff introduced on August 20, and everyone seems to get along, though they haven’t interacted much yet. The moms are keeping the youngsters close at their sides so far. It may take a few days for them to get acquainted.