Sloth Bears Updates Feb 12, 2013

We're so glad you're enjoying watching our bear cub cams, both Andean and sloth! We're thrilled to be able to share this experience with you. Very few people have ever gotten to observe maternal behavior and cub development in these early weeks and months in the den, so this experience is as exciting for us as it is for you. We hope you've been able to follow along on your computer, but also on your mobile devices using our app. And we so appreciate those of you who have snapped and shared screenshots with us!

As you've probably noticed, as all three cubs are getting larger, they're getting more mobile. Billie Jean routinely takes her cubs out of the den for small excursions, and all three cubs seem to be trying out their legs. Before long, the cubs will start to explore beyond their den on their own. Which means we'll be trying to get photos of them, and if we are successful then we will share them with you! Unfortunately, it also means they won't be as consistently visible on the cams as they have been.

Several of you have asked about vet exams. The vet exams all depend on the mother bears. Billie Jean and Hana each have to feel comfortable being separated from their cubs for short times in order for animal care staff to conduct the cub exams. This is even more difficult in Hana's case, as sloth bears cubs ride on their mothers' backs. When we are able to conduct the exams, you can be sure we'll keep you updated and share all the adorable photos.

We also hope that, when the cubs begin to go outside this spring, you'll be able to come to the Zoo and see them in person!