The Small Mammal House Is Growing!

Holiday armadillos may not be real, but don't worry because the screaming hairy armadillo is real! Say hello to Walter, our screaming hairy armadillo! Dylan is 3-years-old and came to us from the Cincinnati Zoo. Unlike the three other armadillos who live at the Small Mammal House, Walter is our only screaming hairy armadillo. They get their name from the loud piercing noise they emit to warn off predators.

And while you're in the Small Mammal House, be sure to give a warm welcome to our new long-tailed chinchillas. The mother and son are the Zoo's first chinchillas in about five years and came from the Miami Zoo. Native to the Andes Mountains, these little ones are critically endangered due to hunting by humans for their soft fur.

If you spot two tiny deer-like animals, make a point to greet them. They are our new Greater Malayan Chevrotains, which are the smallest hoofstock in the world. A breeding pair came to us from the Bronx Zoo and both are a year old. They are also known as Greater Mouse-Deer and are native to Southeast Asia. In case you are local to the Smithsonian's National Zoo, you can also visit them during ZooLights, powered by Pepco.