CAC Pangoa



Hectares of Bird Friendly Habitat:


Number of Bird Friendly Growers:



1000-2000 m


Mix of Arabica and Catimor


USDA Organic, Fairtrade/Fair Trade USA, Small Producer Symbol (SPP)

Other Products:

Cacao, Honey

Pounds of Bird Friendly Coffee Produced:



Albino Nuñez Cainicela | 915999081

CAC Pangoa

CAC Pangoa Satipo , JU

About the Farm

CAC Pangoa was established in 1977 and is now the first woman-led coffee cooperative in Peru. Located at the convergence of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and the foothills of the Andes mountains, CAC Pangoa works to combat climate change and protect their land against industrial development through growing coffee in balance with the environment. The cooperative works to restore water and nutrients to the soil, combat climate change through reforestation, and increase production through continued farmer-driven reforestation programs and education.

“The Bird Friendly certification is important for the conservation of forests because it creates a microclimate especially suited to create great tasting coffee and its sustainable production. It’s also important for the production of microorganisms that help the production of organic fertilizer,” said Esperanza Dionisio, Manager of CAC Pangoa and the first woman to lead a coffee cooperative in Peru. When asked about how seeing birds on her farm makes her feel, Ms. Dionisio continued, “Birds indicate life—I feel happy, cheerful, accompanied.”

Featured bird on the finca: Cerulean-capped Manakin

Feathered fact: Endemic to humid montane forests of Peru. Male has a distinctive froggy “pur-keep?” song.