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Hacienda La Hammonia (Selva Negra) y Cia Ltda.

This illustration shows a Bird Friendly coffee grower tending to a tree in his coffee forest

Hacienda La Hammonia (Selva Negra) y Cia Ltda. is a sustainable, diversified farm using shade-grown, organic farming practices, land-sparing conservation techniques, and rotational cattle grazing. Located in beautiful Matagalpa, Nicaragua, they focus on innovative and sustainable farming methods and practice sustainability across finances, the environment, people, cultural lifestyle and history, and operational integration.

Featured bird on the finca: Three-wattled Bellbird

Feathered fact: Resident bird of Central America with three unmistakable bare wattles hanging off the male’s bill. Listed as “Vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).