This Smithsonian citizen science program provides an outdoor educational experience for backyard wildlife enthusiasts and underserved youth. Participants contribute to important scientific research by re-sighting banded birds and monitoring nests. The Neighborhood Nestwatch approach features face-to-face interaction on an annual basis between Smithsonian scientists, participants and neighborhood birds. The program takes place in metro-area backyards, as well as at under-resourced schools in cities throughout the U.S.

Read more about Neighborhood Nestwatch in action, and listen to recordings from an actual backyard visit.

Resources for Participants

Find participant resources, such as information about annual site visits, nest monitoring guidelines, instructions for re-sighting color-banded birds and backyard habitat enhancements.

Re-sighting Color-banded Birds

Each year, hundreds of birds join the thousands that have already been color-banded in Nestwatch backyards and schoolyards.

Submit Neighborhood Nestwatch Data

Are you a Neighborhood Nestwatch participant? Submit your nest monitoring and bird re-sighting data to Smithsonian scientists here.

Nest Monitoring Guidelines

Neighborhood Nestwatch School Participation