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Zoo News Archive

Four cheetah cubs lay curled up next to each other in a blue plastic tub. A fifth cub sits up on top of one of its siblings, with its mouth open. The other cubs are all looking toward this fifth cub. There is hay coating the bottom of the tub.
Nov. 08, 2021
On Saturday, Nov. 6, cheetah mom Rosalie moved her cubs out of the webcam dens and back to the tall grasses in her yard, creating her own natural den. Read on for the full account of the cubs'...
Panamanian golden frog among leaves, ferns and logs.
Nov. 05, 2021
For decades, scientists have wondered whether the key to saving frogs from the deadly chytrid fungus lies in their skin. Could they genetically modify bacteria found in the frogs’ mucus layer and...
Black furry ape with long arms on a rope ladder
Nov. 05, 2021
They’re goofy, sweet and superstars at training — meet Ronnie and Bradley, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s siamangs! These apes may be small in stature, but their endearing personalities (and...
Loggerhead Shrike
Nov. 05, 2021
Meet the loggerhead shrike—a beautiful songbird with a gruesome reputation for impaling its prey on thorns and barbs. More frightening than the “butcher bird’s” hunting habit is the reality that...
Zoo nutritionist, Erin, holds screaming hairy armadillo, Sherman. Erin is wearing a black mask, navy jacket and light blue latex gloves. Sherman's front paws rest on Erin's left hand as he too looks at the camera.
Nov. 04, 2021
Food for thought: Nutrition forms the foundation to living a healthy life. Get a taste of the challenges Clinical Animal Nutritionist, Erin Kendrick, faces as she formulates diets for all animals at...
A Guam rail (bird) stands on a small scale to be weighed
Nov. 04, 2021
Keepers can learn a lot about an animal’s needs just by monitoring its weight. But how do you weigh a wiggly ferret or get a full-grown elephant onto a scale? Find out in this update from primate...
Five cheetah cubs lay on hay inside a small building with white walls which act as a den. The left cub has its mouth open, showing a few teeth on top. Two other cubs also have their mouths open. The middle cub is laying down facing away from the camera.
Nov. 04, 2021
Rosalie’s five 3-week-old cubs have us smiling! Over the weekend, keepers did a quick visual check on the cubs and noticed at least one had some teeth. Read on for the full update and watch a sweet...
A black-footed ferret looks out a hole of its kennel during transportation. The front of the kennel has silver bars going vertically and horizontally, and is covered in a thick plastic with circular holes.
Nov. 03, 2021
Earlier this month, our black-footed ferrets slated for breeding centers and wild release departed Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute. This included Black-footed Ferret Webcam stars Potpie...
Cardiac ultrasound being performed on a Guam rail.
Nov. 02, 2021
Guam rails are small, speedy ground birds who can only fly three to 10 feet at a time. They are also only the second bird in history – after the California condor – to recover from being extinct in...
Two images collaged together. Both pictures are of a cheetah cub held by a latex-gloved keeper. The left image is of a female cub and the right is of a male.
Oct. 29, 2021
It was a busy week for Rosalie and her five cubs, as they moved back inside an artificial den and are back on the Cheetah Cub Cam. Animal care staff were finally able weigh each cub!
Giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji eating an apple.
Oct. 29, 2021
It seems that giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji inherited his mother Mei Xiang’s fondness for the scent of bubble bath. On an autumn day, keepers presented the pair with some suds to play in, and they went...
Ring-tailed lemur Southside Johnny sits next to a hibiscus flower
Oct. 28, 2021
We’re leaping for joy and celebrating World Lemur Day at Smithsonian’s National Zoo! This special holiday—which takes place the last Friday in October—is the perfect occasion for learning all about...
Five cheetah cubs sleep together on a bed of straw
Oct. 25, 2021
Cuddle puddles are back! Cheetah mom Rosalie moved her five cubs back into the den with a webcam!
three cheetah cubs in the grass
Oct. 22, 2021
Animal care staff peeked in on Rosalie's five cheetah cubs in their new den of tall grasses.
Cheetah mom Rosalie nurses five cubs on a bed of straw
Oct. 21, 2021
Cheetah mom Rosalie has picked a new "den" for her cubs. She moved them, one by one, to a large clump of tall grasses in her yard. The area is well-protected and it is not uncommon for cheetah moms...
Five cheetah cubs sleep together on a bed of straw
Oct. 19, 2021
Rosalie’s cubs are 1 week old today and there’s only good news to report: they’re adorable, fat and happy.
an adult golden-headed lion tamarin sits on a branch. two babies cling to her back.
Oct. 18, 2021
For the first time in 16 years, Smithsonian’s National Zoo is celebrating the birth of golden-headed lion tamarin twins.
Primate keeper administers a vaccine to a Bornean orangutan through safety mesh
Oct. 15, 2021
The lions and tigers who tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 the week of Sept. 13 are recovering well. All are behaving, eating and drinking normally. Zoo animal care staff also administered the...
Cheetah mom Rosalie nurses five cubs on a bed of straw
Oct. 12, 2021
Carnivore keepers at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, welcomed a litter of five cheetah cubs today.
African lion Luke in his outdoor habitat at the Great Cats exhibit.
Oct. 08, 2021
The lions and tigers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo who tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 the week of Sept. 13 are behaving and eating normally.
Adrienne Croiser takes a selfie of a 16-day-old cheetah cub. The cub is sitting on a light green towel in her lap. Adrienne is sitting in a car. Her right hand has a royal blue latex glove on and holds the phone taking the photo.
Oct. 06, 2021
On Sunday, Oct. 3, a 2-week-old male cheetah cub was transferred to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, and introduced to his foster cheetah family. Get the full story from cheetah reproductive...
SCBI biologist Adrienne Crosier transferred a 2-week-old male cheetah cub from Front Royal, Virginia, to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.
Oct. 06, 2021
A 2-week-old male cheetah cub from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, was transferred to a new cheetah foster mother at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon,...
Asian elephants Maharani (foreground) and her mother Kamala (background) explore the Elephant Trails habitat.
Oct. 01, 2021
Raise your trunks for the world’s largest land mammal: the elephant! Find out how animal keeper, Rebecca Riley, cares for Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Asian elephant herd.
Oct. 01, 2021
The lions and tigers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo continue to be treated for COVID-19. All tigers and lions, including the three lions noted of concern in the Sept. 24 update, are improving and...
land hermit crab
Oct. 01, 2021
"Shellebrate" land hermit crabs and take a behind-the-scenes look at how keepers built a habitat for these charismatic crustaceans.