Due to weekend storm activity, some Panda Palooza activities have been postponed. See the full schedule here.

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Better than Chocolate: Send Loved Ones a Critter Cupid This Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, the Smithsonian's National Zoo is offering valentines a unique way to show their love for their family and friends. For less than a card and a box of chocolates ($10), anyone can send an electronic Critter Cupid to someone special in his or her life—a friend, child, parent, sibling and especially a romantic partner. Critter Cupids include a note with a fun animal photo and a video valentine, starring an animal keeper regaling the recipient with a brief tale of Zoo romance. These e-valentines, which are green and don't require a postage stamp, will be delivered on Feb. 14 and benefit the National Zoo. Critter Cupids can be purchased here: https://subscribe.smithsonianmag.com/zoo