National Zoo Announces Giant Panda Cubs' Gender and Paternity

WHAT:The Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute will announce the gender and paternity of the giant panda cubs born at the Zoo Aug. 22. The smaller of the two cubs died Aug. 26. Initial necropsy findings for the deceased cub will be shared.

WHEN:9 a.m.

WHERE:The entrance to Olmsted Walk from the Bus Parking Lot, near the information booth. (Note: Media can park in the Bus Parking Lot.)

WHO:Robert Fleischer, head, center for conservation and evolutionary genetics,

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Nancy Rotzel McInerney, laboratory manager, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Brandie Smith, associate director of animal care sciences, Smithsonian's National Zoo

Don Neiffer, chief veterinarian, Smithsonian's National Zoo

Pierre Comizzoli, reproductive biologist, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute