National Zoo Launches Live Webcam for Second Litter of Lion Cubs

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo welcomed its second litter of African lion (Panthera leo) cubs in three weeks Sept. 22. Nababiep and her cubs can now be seen on the Zoo’s live webcam. Viewers are able to toggle between four different cameras, as Nababiep, Shera, mother of the first litter of four cubs born Aug. 31, and their cubs move around.

Six-year-old Nababiep gave birth to three cubs, her first surviving litter and the second for the cubs’ father, 4-year-old Luke. The cubs were born between 8:04 and 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and are doing well. Nababiep has been an attentive mother and is consistently grooming and nursing her cubs. The cubs will not be out in the yard until late fall or early winter, which will give the Zoo’s animal keepers and veterinary team time to examine them and monitor Nababiep. The webcams and the installation were provided by CGH Technologies Inc. allowing viewers around the world to watch the lions at the Zoo.

Nababiep’s sister, Shera, and her cubs were on a camera for about two weeks before Shera made the decision to move them to a den without a camera. The lions are able to move where they are most comfortable, and it is up to them if they are in one of the dens connected to a camera.