Red Panda Cub Euthanized at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

We are sad to share that one of red panda Nutmeg’s cubs born June 14 at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, was euthanized Oct. 4. Keepers rushed her to the veterinary hospital after they noticed that she was minimally responsive and had lost weight since her last weigh-in two days earlier. Veterinarians immediately began providing the cub with fluids and supportive care for dehydration, weight loss, and renal failure but she did not respond to treatment and was humanely euthanized. A full necropsy, which usually takes four to six weeks, may provide more details about what caused her weight loss and renal failure. The cub’s mother Nutmeg and her sibling are both doing well and have not shown any signs of illness. Our animal care team will continue to monitor both of them closely.   

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