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Three Geriatric Small Mammals Die

We are sad to announce the loss of three elderly small mammals, who died yesterday, Nov. 23. Geriatric animals receive specialized care from their keepers, veterinarians, and nutritionists to ensure that they receive the best possible care. Often, that entails ensuring their exhibits are easy to get around and provide access to extra favorite food. Zoo veterinarians euthanized a 5-year-old female Malagasy jumping rat upon discovering a golf ball-sized mass. Her sister, also five years old, remains on exhibit. At three years and three months of age, our adult female short-eared elephant shrew lived well-past her life expectancy of two years. Her offspring, a male and female, were hand-raised by Small Mammal House staff last summer, and continue to thrive and remain on exhibit. Born at the Zoo more than 19 years ago, golden lion tamarin Marty far surpassed the median life expectancy of 8 years old. He contributed six offspring to his species' survival, including Diogo, who remains on exhibit.