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Michael Brown-Palsgrove

As curator of Asia Trail and giant pandas, Michael Brown-Palsgrove directs the care of sloth bears, clouded leopards, fishing cats, Asian small-clawed otters, red pandas and giant pandas. He leads a team of 10 animal care staff in the management of these exhibits.

As a curator he oversees all daily aspects of the animal husbandry in this area, including diet, coordinating veterinary care, animal training, enrichment programs, maintenance, safety and regulatory compliance. He is responsible for generating unit goals and objectives, ensuring optimal care of the animals and enhancing visitor experience. 

Before moving to Washington, D.C. with his family in 2016, Brown-Palsgrove was employed by Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. He most recently managed the primate areas at that zoo. While at Lincoln Park, Brown-Palsgrove facilitated the completion and opening of the Zoo’s new Japanese macaque exhibit. He also worked with Lincoln Park’s research and science department to promote voluntary animal participation and the collection of biological samples in support of department projects.