Build an Eel Exhibit

a close-up view of an eel's face with the words "it's electric" on the side of the image
The Electric Fishes Demonstration Lab—complete with LED lights, a wave-form screen and speakers powered by the eel’s electric pulse—will demonstrate the frequency and power of the electric eel and the importance of biodiversity in the Amazon River basin. We are pleased to announce that the new exhibit will open on Oct. 6, 2017!

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following donors who made this exhibit possible.

Special Thanks to Our Generous Donors


Jacquelin and Alex Afram

James and Janet Alward

Roger and Caroline Anders

Jan Baldwin

Laura Beauchamp and Christopher J. Feldmann

Alice Marie Bettencourt

Robert and Dawn Birmingham

Susan and Karen Bobinyec

Haise and Kevin Borgmann

Deborah Bouwkamp

Irene Brodowicz

Elizabeth and Michael Bush

Marjorie A. Cahn Sparer and Olivia Sparer

Marjorie A. Cahn Sparer and Olivia Sparer

Rachel and George Canty

Cynthia and Bradford Carpenter

M. Devereux Carter

Frances Chang and Martin Hrivnak

Roy and Kim Clark

Robert Cmarik

Nancy Colladay

Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

 Linda A. Corey

Claude L. Cowan

Nancy and Noah Cullinan

James Culver

Evelyn De Palma

D. Chris Downey

Jonelle K. Drugan

Guada Respicio Duque

Sandra B. Enser

Ronald Faucher

Dr. Alison Fields and Dr. Craig Fields

Carol and Elizabeth Fiertz

Leslie Finster

L. R. Fischer

Barbara L. Francis and Robert Musser

John Freedman and Cecily Baskir

Louis and Christina Gadrinab

Theodore and Noel Gessner

Marie Gordon

Jessica Gould Dabrowski and Ronald Dabrowski

Judith G. Grant

Christine Hayes

Greg V. Hekel

Robert Hirsh

Christina Hoff

Jane Holmes

Deborah Howe

Mark and Eleanor Humphrey

Becky Humphrey

James and Charleen Hurlburt

Jeffrey and Marcia Ihnen

Marion Jetton and Liz Howard

Donald Johnson

Won-kyong Kim

Ms. Debra Kirsch and Mr. Bauer Walter

Coleen Klasmeier and Kalia Tison

Christine N. Kohl

Rachel Kronstadt Mann

Jon Langhorst and Catherine Creese

Dorothy Lawrence

Sander Lee and Bernadette Nye

Lester Poretsky Family Foundation

Richard A. Levinson

Aron Lewin and Li Zhou

Laura Liswood

Jennifer Madans and Terry Phillips

Cheryl Manning and Vivienne Swinson

Cheryl Manning and Vivienne Swinson

Donald Marron and Esther Aranda

Ashley Mattoon

R. L. McAllister

Terry and Susan McCallister

Michael and Laura McDonald

Joseph McGrath

Christine McKinnon

Dr. John A. R. Mead and Mrs. Cynthia Mead

Doug Menorca

Timothy Michaels

Lee J. Miller

Joanna A. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Miller

Susan Miller

Michael Molloy

Jon Montgomery

Kate Morrison-Danzis

Brent M. Mowery

Dr. Sachiko Murase and Dr. Mark Stopfer

 Alexa D. Neckel

Paige Newman

Virginia Nuessle and Carol Blimline

William and Mary O'Brien

Dr. Helen Olde and Dr. Brent Olde

Everett and Jonathan Parker

Shailen and Sarisha Patel

Aristides Patrinos and Mrs. Kathryn Hoff-Patrinos

Edward B. Petersen

Dr. Carolyn Phillips and Mrs. Kate Burn

Philip and Rose Piccigallo

Lee Porter

Amanda and Andrew Richardson

Diane and Edith Riker

Beverly Ripley

Toni A. Ritzenberg

Catherine Robbins

Susan H. Robeson

Leanne Rohlk

Robert and Sue Rose

Randi Rubovits-Seitz

Charles and Jean Samuels

Brian Sands and Leslie Oakey

Robert P. Schocke

Kenneth Schroeder

Schwab Charitable Fund

Marie Scott and Jason Fortney

Marie Scott and Jason Fortney

LCDR Cynthia L. Sennett

Carolyn and Jeff Serfass

Robert Sheehan

Ian Shuman

Mel and Joyce Siegel

Martha Singleton and Derek Traini

Linda and Clarke Slaymaker

Keller Smith and Lyn Wishart-Smith

Lusette L. Smith

Melissa and Richard Smith

Robert Sorey and Taylor Mayo

Alice Spencer

Timothy and Ann Stahmer

Steve Stone and Julie Bauzhaf Stone

Mrs. Robin N. Swope and Col. (RET) Mark Swope

Roger N. Szabo and Veronica Mentheaola Szabo

Alison Tam

Phillip and Patricia Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Turmail

Jessica and Christopher Wack

David Webber and Joelle Faucher

Marilyn Weeks

Linda and Autumn Weigel

Angela Wessel

Todd West and M. Stacey Bach

Dorothy Wheeler

Brandy White and Anthony Malanoski

Victoria Williamson

Kevin Wilshere and Diane Holcomb Wilshere

Jon Van Winkle

Dr. Frank Wong and Dr. Caroline Ridley

Zachary Wood

Mrs. Brooke Ybarra and Dr. Michael Ybarra

Stephen Ziehm


Again, thank you for your generous support. Donors will receive special recognition for contributions outlined below. The Smithsonian's National Zoo will contact you in regard to tours and the reception upon the exhibit's completion. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

$100 | Recognition in a digital Zoo newsletter and a Zoo webpage

$250 | An invitation to the exhibit pre-opening reception

$500 | Name recognition at the exhibit pre-opening reception

$1,000 | A special behind-the-scenes tour of Amazonia

$2,500 | Name recognition on the annual Visitor Center lobby donor wall