Sumatran Tiger Update Feb 1, 2012

Everything went very smoothly with Guntur's move to Japan. He went right into his crate without any hesitation and seemed quite comfortable there. He did object when people got too close to his crate, but other than that he lay in his hay and waited to see what in the world was going on. As always, the men from Facilities Management did a superb job, and he was loaded into a box van and his traveling crate was secured. He was then driven to the airport like the VIP that he is, with a police escort!

Everybody at the cargo offices of United Airlines had been eagerly awaiting Guntur's arrival and they could not have been more accommodating. Curator Craig Saffoe and I were allowed to stay with him right up until he was loaded on the plane, and the good folks from United brought some bottled water onto the tarmac so we could fill his water bowl. They made sure that there was plenty of space around him for good air circulation on the trip. Leigh was traveling on the same plane as Guntur, but in the passenger cabin. She had to go through pre-flight security and so was not there when he was loaded onto the plane but will be there when he gets off, a welcome familiar face in his new home.

More news as soon as we can!