Due to weekend storm activity, some Panda Palooza activities have been postponed. See the full schedule here.

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Sumatran Tiger Update Nov 1, 2012

tiger participates in ultrasound training Hurricane Sandy has come and gone here and the cats and keepers weathered the storm with no problems. On Sunday, the day before the rain started, we cleaned out gutters and drains, raked leaves, and placed sandbags at the doors. While we certainly got a lot of rain, it did not come all at once as it does during the summer thunderstorms so we got through with out any water coming into the building. There was some damage to the trees, but I don't think any of the big trees in the Zoo came down. All the big cats stayed inside both Monday and Tuesday. Their inside enclosures are underground so you really didn't hear too much, but I think they could hear enough of the wind so that they were happy to be inside.

Kavi and Damai continue to get acquainted. She seems to be more interested in him than he is in her, but looks can be deceiving. He is a very laid-back individual and as long as he knows where she is, he just doesn't worry too much about it. If you are at the Zoo you may well hear her calling to him, with a deep, loud bellow. You may even hear her if you are not at the Zoo. As long as you are in northwest Washington you can probably hear Damai.

Leigh has been working hard with Kavi to train him for voluntary injections, and he has been an excellent student. He will line up at the front of the den and allow himself to be poked with a fork. We use a fork with all the tines but one bent back to simulate the needle when we train. Leigh says that Kavi doesn't mind the fork at all! I have been doing the same training with Damai, but she does mind so things are going a little more slowly with her.