About CCS

three researchers collecting water samples


The Center for Conservation and Sustainability's (CCS) mission is to integrate conservation needs with development priorities to sustain biodiversity and train the next generation of conservation practitioners.


CCS's vision is to have a measurable impact on protecting biodiversity by maintaining ecosystem services, and promoting sustainable development through the integration of biodiversity conservation into the development of mega-infrastructure projects.

What We Do

The Center for Conservation and Sustainability partners with industry leaders, government agencies, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and academic centers. CCS works in regions of high biodiversity to promote biodiversity knowledge and develop best practices for the integration of conservation and development. The center has worked on programs around the world, with ongoing research in Canada, Peru and Gabon.

Why We're Successful

After decades of partnerships with leaders in the oil and gas industry, the Center for Conservation and Sustainability has established a strong research capacity by recruiting top scientists and staff to oversee the design and implementation of innovative research protocols that advance global best practices in the integration of conservation priorities and development needs.

Transparency and Values

As a federal agency, the Smithsonian Institution follows federal regulations for transparency and regulation. In addition, the Center for Conservation and Sustainability believes in the power of transparency and its importance in improving trust and reliability with current and future partners, as well as the general public. All CCS programs promote transparency and require that the center is able to conduct research independently in order to provide reliable and unbiased results-based reports on the design, implementation, monitoring and assessment of conservation initiatives.


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