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James Hassell, Ph.D., B.V.M

Keller Family Secretarial Scholar
B.S., B.V.M., M.S., Royal Veterinary College; Ph.D., University of Liverpool

Dr. Hassell’s research combines ecology and epidemiology to study the connections between environmental change, wildlife and human health. As Skorton Scholar to the Global Health Program, he leads and advances the program's work in Kenya, which looks to combine capacity building with cutting-edge research to mitigate risk at the interface between wildlife, livestock and human health. Through his work with GHP, Dr. Hassell aims to promote the conservation of species and their ecosystems, while protecting human and wildlife health.

His current projects include:

  • Investigation of emerging diseases in rhino and giraffe
  • Studying the epidemiology of anthrax in East African vultures
  • Xenosurveillance for emerging pathogens at the wildlife-livestock-human interface
  • Developing One Health capacity building programs in Kenya
Dr. Hassell received his Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Medicine from the Royal Veterinary College, before pursuing a master's degree in wild animal health, during which he conducted epidemiology- and pathology-based projects working in collaboration with Gorilla Doctors and the U.C. Davis Wildlife Health Center's One Health program in central Africa.
He completed his doctorate in epidemiology with the University of Liverpool and International Livestock Research Institute, investigating the role of urbanization on the ecology and epidemiology of disease transmission between wildlife, livestock and humans in Nairobi.
Dr. Hassell has been based in Kenya for the past five years and is currently enrolled in a zoological medicine residency with a focus on wildlife population health through the University of Liverpool Institute of Veterinary Science. Most recently, as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Liverpool, he studied disease ecology in urban wildlife.
Recent Publications: 

Hassell, J. M., Begon, M., Ward, M. J., & Fèvre, E. M. 2017. Urbanization and disease emergence: dynamics at the wildlife–livestock–human interface. Trends in Ecology & Evolution32(1), 55-67.

Hassell, J. M., Zimmerman, D., Cranfield, M. R., Gilardi, K., Mudakikwa, A., Ramer, J. & Lowenstine, L. J. 2017. Morbidity and mortality in infant mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei): A 46‐year retrospective review. American journal of primatology79(10), e22686.