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Jennifer Nagashima, Ph.D.

Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellow
B.S., Cornell University; Ph.D., Cornell University
Jennifer Nagashima is a Smithsonian Institution postdoctoral fellow for the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) with Nucharin Songsasen. Nagashima’s research focuses on developing new “gamete rescue” technologies in canids and felids. These technologies include freezing sperm and culturing ovaries in vitro to grow mature eggs.
As part of her doctoral dissertation in the Joint Graduate Training Program (JGTP) between Cornell University and SCBI, Nagashima produced the world’s first litter of puppies from in vitro fertilization. The seven puppies are happy and healthy in their new homes, including one named "Cannon" who now lives with Nagashima, and will continue to be monitored as they grow. As part of the JGTP, Nagashima also worked with Nucharin Songsasen to culture domestic dog ovarian follicles using cutting-edge, three-dimensional systems, with the goal of applying these technologies to the conservation of wild canids in the future.
Nagashima earned her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in animal science in 2009. She completed two consecutive internships at SCBI in female African Lion endocrinology under Janine Brown, and domestic dog ovarian follicle culture with Nucharin Songsasen. She matriculated into the JGTP as the inaugural student in 2010, and completed her doctorate in zoology and wildlife conservation in 2015.