Happy birthday, Head Start! How do animals keep their bodies healthy year-round? Join the Smithsonian's National Zoo to learn about animals at our Kids' Farm with special resources from the National Portrait Gallery and other Smithsonian museums.

Content Unit:

Our Bodies and the Five Senses


Supports Head Start ELOF Goals P-SCI-1; P-SCI-2; P-SCI-3

Classroom Resources: Our Bodies and the 5 Senses Unit

The Five Senses with George Washington Carver Portrait

With the National Portrait Gallery, discover this portrait of George Washington Carver, and use your five senses to learn about his job as a scientist, inventor, and teacher.


Resource Description:

  • Type: Activity Guide, Coloring Page, E-Learning Course
  • Project Time: 10+ minutes
  • Best for Ages: 2+

Music Playlist

Join Nick the Music Man, Pinky Jackalope, and other guest stars as they sing about healthy bodies and the way bodies world through the five senses.


Resource Description:

  • Type: Music
  • Best for Ages: 0+


Take a Tour of the Zoo Grocery Store!

Have you ever wondered where the Smithsonian's National Zoo stores all the food needed to feed its animals? It's called the commissary, and it's a large grocery store just for Zoo animals! In this video, join keeper Antar and Pinky Jackalope as they chat about what food the animals eat. Then, follow along with them as they prepare a special birthday meal for Zahra, the gorilla.


Resource Description:

  • Type: Video
  • Length: 7:15

Meet the Goats!

Want a brief introduction to our Nigerian Dwarf Goats before they make their debut during the live program on May 16th? Watch this video of Pinky and keeper Nikki as they chat about what the goats do during the day, including eating, playing, and sunbathing!


Resource Description:

  • Type: Video
  • Length: 1:31

Make a Birthday Cake for a Kunekune Pig

Everyone loves celebrating their birthday with a special treat, including the kunekune pigs at the National Zoo! Help our pigs celebrate turning one year old by making them a birthday cake using their favorite foods. 


Resource Description:

  • Type: Science arts and crafts
  • Project Time: 15+ minutes
  • Best for Ages: 1-5

Make a Smithsonian Birthday Hat

Get ready to celebrate Head Start's birthday by making a Smithsonian-inspired birthday hat!


Resource Description:

  • Type: Arts and Crafts
  • Project Time: 10+ minutes
  • Best for Ages: 2+

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