What things make you special and unique? What connects you to others? Watch the recorded program to explore different kinds of families and communities in nature with Asian elephants Kamala, Swarna, and Rani. Then check out fun and easy activities to help your young learners celebrate their identities and connect with their communities from the National Postal Museum, the National Museum of American History, National Portrait Gallery, and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden!


Identity and Community


Supports Head Start ELOF Goals P-SCI-1; P-SCI-2; P-SCI-3

Classroom Activities

Music Playlist

Put on your dancing shoes!  Find all the songs you loved in the field trip, plus more songs from Nick the Music Man about families and community inspired by Me, You, and Elephants Too in this musical playlist.

Mail Connects Communities

Mail is an important way to stay connected with our family and friends -- our communities -- both near and far. Help your young learners explore, create, and send mail with this engaging activity from the National Postal Museum!

What Makes My Neighborhood Special?

Who are the people in YOUR neighborhood? The National Museum of American History and the National Portrait Gallery use Sesame Street to inspire young children to explore and celebrate their own neighborhoods with these fun activities!

Pictures of Me

What makes you who you are? It’s important for young learners to feel good about themselves and their futures. Grab some paper, small objects and scissors and get ready to explore identity and create a collage self-portrait with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Celebrating Differences with Elephants

Elephants live together in communities called herds. Each individual elephant in the herd has her own personality and things that make her special, just like we do! Join the National Zoo to learn more about elephants and how to celebrate the differences that make us all special!

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