From deserts to rainforests, what makes a habitat a suitable animal home? What Makes a Habitat a Home explores habitats around the world and some of the animals that live in these habitats.

This virtual school program is part of Conservation Classroom, a collection of monthly lessons for K-5 students. Each lesson has four elements: wonder (video), engage (live virtual program), act (activities), and connect (video). Follow along with all four parts or pick and choose the videos and activities you want to explore. 




Supports NGSS K-LS1-1, K-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1, 3-LS4-3


habitat, animals, survival, four basic needs




I wonder... what is a habitat? Bring your curiosity along on an exploration of different animal habitats.


In this free, live virtual program, students compared three animal habitats and met some of the animals that call these habitats home. Access the recording to enjoy the program that aired on November 15, 2023. Recording includes English captions, as well as Spanish and ASL interpretation. 


During the live program, follow along by drawing animal habitats. Then, record animal behaviors in their habitats with a data sheet to accompany the Zoo's animal webcams.


Meet Matt, a landscape architect who uses his creativity and curiosity to design outdoor spaces at the Zoo!

For Educators

Educator's Materials

Conservation Classroom: What Makes a Habitat a Home? i­­s best suited for grades K-5. The full lesson consists of two videos, a live program, and two activities. Refer to the Smithsonian Learning Lab collection to help teach this lesson.

Letter to Guardians

After participating in the live program, print or send the following letter to guardians, explaining what their student learned in this lesson and how they can continue to engage from home. 

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