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Café Cumbre

Image of growers and inspectors observing certified Bird Friendly coffee habitat.

Café Cumbre was founded in 1940 in Cumbres de Huicicila, Nayarit, Mexico, more than 3 generations ago. Located in the western highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range, Cafe Cumbré maintains a diverse shade canopy, supporting their production of unique, high quality specialty coffee, and providing th perfect habitat for birds. They share that their most important asset is their long-term commitment to organic farming and strict oversight over their farm and processing, allowing them to produce the highest quality coffee reflected in each sip.

Illustration of birds nesting on a Bird Friendly coffee farm.

Featured bird on the finca: Warbling Vireo

Feathered fact: Migrants and wintering birds can be found in any wooded habitat, as far south as Central America, with some nonmigratory birds in Mexico. Its scratchy warbling song can be heard from treetops, particularly in riparian areas and cottonwoods.