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Café Mesa de los Santos (Hacienda el Roble)

This illustration shows a Bird Friendly coffee grower tending to a tree in his coffee forest

Café Mesa de los Santos (Hacienda el Roble) grows premium coffees through sustainable practices in order to fight climate change, protect wildlife, maintain healthy soil, and provide safe and healthy products. Located in the beautiful Mesa de los Santos region of Colombia, this region is an important coffee growing and biodiversity area, home to birds such as the azulejo palmero and tángara real. Café Mesa de los Santos (Hacienda el Roble) has been Bird Friendly certified since 2002.

When asked to give advice to other coffee growers, owner of Hacienda el Roble coffee farm, Oswaldo Acevedo declared: “Jump in to Bird Friendly!”

Featured bird on the finca: Colombian Chachalaca

Feathered fact: Endemic to Colombia. Large and chickenlike, generally moves in small family groups or pairs.