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Rancho Bio Blas

Image of growers and inspectors observing certified Bird Friendly coffee habitat.

Rancho Bio Blas is located in the mountainous state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. This diverse area is known for agriculture and mining with corn (maize), wheat, coffee, sugarcane, tobacco, fibers, and tropical fruits as its main crops. Around two-fifths of the state's residents speak Indigenous languages, including Zapotec, Mixtec, Mazatec, Chinantec, and Mixé. Rancho Bio Blas is dedicated to the conservation of the wide array of bird species found in the area. They joined the Bird Friendly program in 2021. 

"It is wonderful to hear the birds and to see wildlife in my farm–when someone visits me it's the first thing I highlight and proudly show photographs to the consumers of my coffee," said Rancho Bio Blas Owner Homero Blas. "The Bird Friendly certification is important because as a producer I can measure the biodiversity characteristics of my coffee farm, I can also show other producers that the system can be certified and encourage them to get a Bird Friendly certificate, and my buyers and consumers can see that a third party is verifying that my production system is Bird Friendly."

A male American Redstart perches in a tree branch with leaves

Featured Bird on the Finca: American Redstart

Feathered fact: This lively warbler hops among tree branches in search of insects and uses its boldly patterned tail and wing feathers to startle its prey out of the foliage. They favor interior woodland over edges, and prefer large tracts of habitat measuring at least 1,000 acres in area.