Publications and Additional Resources

Additional Resources

AIDE – Annotation Interface for Data-driven Ecology
AIDE is An open-source web framework designed to alleviate the task of image annotation for ecological surveys. AIDE employs an easy-to-use and customisable labelling interface that supports multiple users, database storage and scalability to the cloud and/or multiple machines.

BisQue – Bio-Image Semantic Query User Environment
BisQue is used to store, visualize, organize and analyze images in the cloud. Collaboratively annotate images, share and deploy any machine learning model, view results and assess model performance in a user-friendly dashboard. Free and open source.

Microsoft AI for Good 

Movement of Life 


Relevant Publications 

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Lamprey et al. 2020. Cameras replace human observers in multi-species aerial counts in Murchison Falls, Uganda. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation. 

Lamprey et al. 2020. Comparing an automated high-definition oblique camera system to rear-seat-observers in a wildlife survey in Tsavo, Kenya: Taking multi-species aerial counts to the next level. Biological Conservation. 

Torney et al. 2019. A comparison of deep learning and citizen science techniques for counting wildlife in aerial survey images. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.