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FREE Film Screening: Journey of the Whooping Crane

Sunday, March 17, 2019
1:03 pm to 2:33 pm
  • Very large pure white bird with reddish crown and black moustached and long pointed bill
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FREE Film Screening: Journey of the Whooping Crane

At 5 feet tall, and with a wingspan of more than 7 feet, the whooping crane has the distinction of being North America's tallest bird and, sadly, also one of its rarest. Habitat loss caused by European settlers reduced the population to just 15 birds by the 1940s. "Journey of the Whooping Crane" explores the intense effort by a broad coalition of NGOs, private interests, and government agencies to collectively and tirelessly nurture the remaining wild flock to its current population of about 800 birds. 

The film will be screened in the Zoo's Visitor Center Auditorium, and a discussion featuring Smithsonian scientists and whooping crane keepers will follow.

Directed by Rhett Turner and Greg Pope
(United States, 2018, 50 min.)