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Smithsonian-Based Fellowships and Internships

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George Burch Fellowship in Theoretic Medicine

The purpose of the George E. Burch Fellowship is to support a distinguished scholar in residence at the Smithsonian. The fellow may work in any discipline, but the creative effort should, in accordance with the wishes of the donor, be related to medicine.

The current Burch Fellow is Dr. Marc Valitutto. The fellowship will allow Dr. Valitutto to focus on research aligned with the One Health platform, which recognizes the continuum of health of all species including humans.  More specifically, the emphasis of his research will be on infectious disease and conservation medicine of pangolins, which are the world’s most-trafficked mammals.

Morris Animal Foundation/Smithsonian Global Health Fellowship

The Morris Animal Foundation is a worldwide leader in supporting veterinary medical research. With current and future anthropogenic pressures upon wildlife –including habitat destruction; increased interaction between wildlife, humans, and domesticated animals; climate change with associated changes in disease vectors; and the consequent emergence and spread of new pathogens– many species already fighting for survival are now critically endangered. To combat these threats, a new type of veterinarian is needed, one that marries traditional veterinary skills with additional expertise in areas such as pathology, geographic information systems (GIS) and molecular diagnostics. In conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, the Morris Animal Foundation has created a fellowship that provides a development opportunity to an interdisciplinary veterinarian to engage in research, response, and education in emerging infectious diseases. 

The current Morris Animal Foundation Global Health Fellow is Dr. Kali Holder. Her research tackles emerging infectious diseases of conservation and public health significance, with a special emphasis on rhinoceroses and bats.

Judy and John W. McCarter, Jr. Global Health Internship Program

The Judy and John W. McCarter, Jr. Global Health Program is a one-year internship for veterinarians interested in pursuing careers in wildlife and conservation medicine, global health outreach, and emerging zoonotic disease surveillance. Participants in the program learn to identify clinical problems encountered with free-ranging and species in human care and how to address them on a global scale. In addition, McCarter interns participate closely with USAID PREDICT through the Global Health Program and learn how to plan, conduct, and lead sampling missions internationally while collaborating with foreign agencies to develop improved surveillance models in response to wildlife disease outbreaks. Interns also lend their veterinary expertise to international emerging disease projects and provide education outreach to scientists around the world.

The current McCarters’ Global Health intern is Dr. Devin Tunseth. His research focus is on detection of emerging infectious diseases using capture and analysis of blood-feeding arthropods.