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Asociación de Fincas Agroforestales Orgánicas "Mil Flores" (Association of Organic Agroforestry Farms "Mil Flores")

Illustration of birds nesting on a Bird Friendly coffee farm.

Asociación de Fincas Agroforestales Orgánicas "Mil Flores" is a small, two-farm association located in the Sierras de Managua of Nicaragua. This beautiful region is distinguished by its numerous lakes and volcanoes and is an important overwintering area for migratory birds. In fact, there are two Monitoring Overwinter Survival (MoSI) bird banding and monitoring stations on Mil Flores’ El Nisperal and Concepción de María farms.

“The Bird Friendly certification is an important educational tool for consumers of coffee. I hope through seeing the seal that [coffee drinkers] learn that some coffee is grown in conditions that preserve bird habitat and some is not, and that should inform their choice of coffee if they consider themselves conservationists,” said Sally Gladstone, co-founder of Mil Flores, “The Bird Friendly seal also opens up options for us to sell to conservation-minded roasters.”

When asked about how it feels to see birds and other wildlife on the farm Gladstone continues, “I feel honored that the migrants return each year to my farm. This must mean we are doing something right! For perhaps 5 years in a row the same male American Redstart returned to literally the same U-shaped liana every year. I was so glad to see him, it made me feel quite honored.”

Featured bird on the finca: Baltimore Oriole

Feathered fact: One of the earliest-departing North American migratory bird species. Overwinters in Florida, the Caribbean, Central America, and northern South America.