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La Pedregoza, Rafael Eugenio Tovar Chia

Illustration of an observer pointing at a rich canopy over coffee bushes

La Pedregoza, Rafael Eugenio Tovar Chia is located in Santandercito in the heart of Colombia. The varying climates from its three geographical zones, ranging from the Magdalena River Valley to the foothills of the eastern cordillera, make this region one of Colombia’s most fertile agricultural regions, especially for flower cultivation. They have been Bird Friendly certified since 2012.

"For 30 years my family and I have been producing coffee in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and with our health and the health of the workers in mind. Along with the community, we are always seeking continuous improvement," said La Pedregoza Director Rafael Tovar when asked why the Bird Friendly certification is important to him, “It is very rewarding to produce coffee with as little environmental impact as possible while obtaining healthy and clean products. In addition, through certification we can demonstrate this to our buyers and also obtain a better price for our products.”

When asked how he feels seeing birds and other wildlife on his farm Tovar continued, “It gives me infinite joy to share the space of my farm with as many animal and plant species as possible which have all found refuge, adequate habitat, and protection in La Pedregoza.”

Hear from Rafael Tovar in a recent video produced by Smithsonian Global here.

Featured bird on the finca: Green-bearded Helmetcrest

Feathered fact: A stunning hummingbird endemic to north-central Colombia. Males have a distinct spiky black and white crest and pointed green throat strip.