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R Package MigConnectivity

  • A map showing bird migration routes
  • A map showing bird migration routes
  • A map showing bird migration routes

Migratory connectivity describes how populations co-occur throughout the annual cycle. The ability to study migratory connectivity has increased dramatically in the past decade, thanks to technological advances for documenting large-scale animal movement (e.g., GPS tracking, band recoveries, genetics).

The MigConnectivity R package provides a powerful framework for quantifying the strength of migratory connectivity across species, study designs and types of data. It also accounts for the relative abundance of populations across a species’ breeding or non-breeding range and incorporates uncertainty from sources of sampling error. The package’s vignette gives examples and further details.

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Cohen, E.B., Hostetler, J.A., Hallworth, M.T., Rushing, C.S., Sillett, T.S. and Marra, P.P. 2017. Quantifying the strength of migratory connectivity. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 00:1-12.

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