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Zoo News Archive

Giant panda Mei Xiang holds her small cub in her arms. The cub has small visible claws and has started to get its black and white markings
Sep. 09, 2020
Our giant panda cub is growing! As our newborn packs on the grams, it is becoming a bit easier to spot on the Panda Cam. 
maned wolf running across snowy field
Sep. 04, 2020
Spindly legs and thick, red fur have earned them the nickname “foxes on stilts,” but maned wolves are neither fox nor wolf. Today, researchers are monitoring maned wolves' heart rates to learn more...
A goat rests on a small bridge in the grassy yard of the Kids' Farm exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Zoo
Sep. 04, 2020
Goats are cute … and curious, too! Get the scoop on training these energetic animals from keeper Nikki Maticic, who has been working with the Kids’ Farm goats for more than four years.
This spider tortoise hatched July 5, 2020, at the Reptile Discovery Center.
Sep. 04, 2020
A "surprise" spider tortoise hatchling arrived July 5 at the Reptile Discovery Center! Get the scoop from assistant curator Matt Evans. 
Infant orangutan Redd sits in a bucket filled with colorful plastic ball and uses his long limbs to toss them around
Sep. 04, 2020
As our young Bornean orangutan nears his fourth birthday, primate keeper Erin Stromberg reflects on how his relationships with the adults in his social network have blossomed over the last year. 
Giant panda Mei Xiang cradles her newborn cub Aug. 31, 2020.
Sep. 04, 2020
As we celebrate the birth of our newest giant panda cub, take a look back at our top 10 favorite moments from the cub's first two weeks, as seen on the Panda Cam!
Mei Xiang eats sugar cane with her cub.
Sep. 03, 2020
Giant panda Mei Xiang continues to be a wonderful mother to her newborn. Last night, she gently set the cub down on the floor of their den and walked into her main indoor enclosure to drink some...
Giant panda Mei Xiang holds her 10-day-old cub in her forearms. The cub's tiny paws are peeking out.
Aug. 31, 2020
Our giant panda cub appears to be growing nicely! Over the weekend, the Panda Cam revealed a peek of its tiny paws compared to those of mother Mei Xiang. 
Cheetah Echo and her 4-month-old cubs at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.
Aug. 31, 2020
Mothers are not only our first friends, they are also our first teachers. In August, our wonderful cheetah mother Echo was busy teaching her 4.5-month-old cubs vocalizations.
The bigger the giant panda cub gets, the more distinct its markings get. If you look closely, you can very clearly see black eye patches starting to come in.
Aug. 28, 2020
Last night, giant panda Mei Xiang gave us another peek at her precious cub! If you look closely, you can see its iconic black eye markings starting to appear.
Giant panda Mei Xiang briefly placed her cub on the ground in the early morning Aug. 27, 2020.
Aug. 27, 2020
Big news! Early this morning, our Panda Team observed giant panda Mei Xiang leave the den twice to get a drink of water at 4:27 a.m. and 5:59 a.m. Her brief reprieve offered Panda Cam viewers a look...
Giant panda Mei Xiang and her cub, which was born Aug. 21, 2020.
Aug. 26, 2020
Last night around 5:40 p.m., Mei Xiang placed the cub on the floor of her den for just a few seconds, giving all of those watching the Panda Cam a fantastic view of her growing cub.
Giant Panda Mei Xiang holds her cub gently in her mouth as she readjusts her position.
Aug. 25, 2020
Giant panda Mei Xiang and her newborn cub continue to do well. As Mei Xiang shifts from a resting position (laying down) to a nursing position (sitting up) and vice-versa, she occasionally holds the...
Aug. 24: Giant panda Mei Xiang holds her cub born Aug. 21, 2020 between her paws to keep it warm.
Aug. 24, 2020
Mei Xiang, our 22-year-old giant panda, continues to be a devoted mother. Interestingly, she has found a new position to hold this cub.
Giant panda Mei Xiang cradles her newborn cub Aug. 22, 2020. The cub was born Aug. 21, 2020, at 6:35 p.m.
Aug. 23, 2020
Our panda team observed Mei Xiang and her cub overnight and were happy with the behaviors they saw. As expected, Mei Xiang is being an excellent and attentive mother. She has already established...
Giant panda Mei Xiang in her den cradling a cub in her fur
Aug. 21, 2020
Smithsonian’s National Zoo staff will be available to discuss the recent giant panda cub birth.
Giant Panda Mei Xiang rests with her tiny, newborn cub in her den at the Smithsonian's National Zoo's Giant Panda House
Aug. 21, 2020
Giant panda Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) gave birth to a cub at Smithsonian’s National Zoo today, Aug. 21 at 6:35 p.m.
Aug. 21, 2020
A new genomic study ranks the potential of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to bind to the ACE2 receptor site in 410 vertebrate animals. Old World primates and great apes, which have identical amino...
A 41-day-old female Guam kingfisher chick perched on a branch. She is small with a wide, flattened beak, orange and blue feathers, and a "mask" of dark feathers around her eyes
Aug. 21, 2020
Breeding season is the most demanding time of year for the bird team at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, but it can also be the most rewarding.
State-of-the-art tracking technology reveals previously unknown long-distance movements of Kirtland’s warblers during the mating season that have important conservation implications for North American birds.
Aug. 20, 2020
State-of-the-art tracking technology reveals previously unknown long-distance movements of Kirtland’s warblers during the mating season that have important conservation implications for North...
As a reward for standing still during their weigh-ins, the cheetah cubs receive beef blood from a squeeze bottle.
Aug. 15, 2020
It is hard to believe that cheetah cubs Amabala, Jabari, Hasani and Erindi are already four months old! As the cubs grow, we want to ensure that they have a strong relationship with us. 
An image of an ultrasound showing a giant panda fetus
Aug. 14, 2020
Veterinarians at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo detected tissue consistent with fetal development during Mei Xiang’s ultrasound this morning, Aug. 14.
Digital illustrations of a cheetah, snowy owl and lemur surround the Zoo Guardians mobile game logo and the Smithsonian logo with "National Zoo" written below it. A line of icons in the background with plants, snowflakes, etc. represent different biomes.
Aug. 14, 2020
The furry, feathered and scaly world of zoos, animal care and conservation comes to life in “Zoo Guardians,” a new mobile game launched today. Players are invited to build their own zoos, care for...
Cheetah cub at SCBI July 24, 2020
Jul. 31, 2020
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute carnivore keeper Adri Kopp and intern Shannon Richard share the latest news on Echo's cheetah cubs, from weigh-ins to water play. 
For the first time in the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s (SCBI) history, ungulate keepers celebrated the birth of a male Hartmann’s mountain zebra at the Front Royal, Virginia, facility. The colt was born overnight July 2, 2020.
Jul. 31, 2020
What’s black, white and adorable all over? Our new Hartmann’s mountain zebra colt! Born July 2 at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, he already is melting our ungulate team’s hearts with...