× The Zoo will open at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, due to the departure of giant panda Bei Bei. 
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Conservation Nation

a giraffe eating leaves

Around the world, wildlife is fighting for survival, facing threats such as climate change, habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, and conflict with humans. We are losing important species—Asian elephants, pangolins, cheetahs, and rhinos—at an alarming rate.

As we lose wildlife on this planet, the risk of disaster only becomes greater for the human race. Our own survival is threatened by the loss of these animals. When ecosystems are destroyed or manipulated and wildlife becomes endangered or extinct, humans face the ever-present threat of collapse. After all, we all need the same things to survive, and we need a balanced and stable planet to thrive.

Conservation Nation is on the forefront of a global conservation revolution. And we're doing it with help from supporters like you. Conservation Nation supports the global network of Smithsonian scientists and researchers leading the wildlife conservation charge, here in North America and around the world. We are helping save species. With your fundraising support and donations, Conservation Nation can contribute to a healthy and diverse planet full of wildlife. Together, we are making a difference.

Learn more about how you can help by visiting www.fonz.org/give.