Conservation Nation

Cheetah cub Nandi.

You’ve seen the headlines, and it’s horrifying. Animals are undergoing a mass-extinction event—and it feels overwhelming. How could you possibly make a difference? The good news is you can. Conservation Nation is an initiative that makes it easy for anyone who cares about conservation to make a positive impact on animals in the wild.

Since its founding by Friends of the National Zoo in 2016, more than $150,000 has been raised by dedicated conservation supporters like you to directly fund projects for the Smithsonian’s top wildlife conservationists, researchers and veterinarians. 

These are the people who know how to turn the tide on extinction, and there are many ways you can directly help them: make a donation, host a gathering to raise awareness, run a race to honor your favorite species, or buy Conservation Nation merchandise. Share stories on social media about the innovative conservation projects you’re supporting, and sign up for regular updates that connect you with the leaders you are personally helping in the field.

In 2019, Conservation Nation helped fund projects to:

  • Turn the tide for marine mammals in Peru by recording their underwater sounds
  • Preserve critically endangered black rhinos in South Africa by studying their diets
  • Track and study lowland tapirs in Paraguay
  • Test and track Asian elephants in Myanmar
  • Track the iconic eastern meadowlarks in North America

Go to today to get the stories, pick your passion project, and sleep a little better tonight knowing you made a direct impact helping to save the planet.