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Included below are comprehensive resources for media on the giant panda cub.

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Cub Updates

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo provides updates on giant panda Mei Xiang and her cub through the Giant Panda Bulletin e-newsletter. Use the slider below to view all giant panda cub updates since the cub's birth Aug. 21, beginning with the most recent update.


Media (news) outlets may use giant panda cub photos/videos for news purposes only with credit to Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Approved purposes include: print/online articles, broadcast reports and social media feeds. Below is a YouTube playlist of giant panda video content.

Press Releases

Background and FAQs

Quick Facts

  • Date of birth: Aug. 21, 2020
  • Sex: Male
  • Current weight: 117 pounds (as of March 10, 2022)

Download detailed backgrounder.

Xiao Qi Ji's Milestones

Updated Aug. 2, 2021

  • Aug. 21: Born to mother Mei Xiang and father Tian Tian
  • Sept. 3: Black markings on his legs, ears, and back begin to appear (2 weeks)
  • Sept. 13: First exam conducted by the Giant Panda Team (3 weeks)
  • Sept. 19: First veterinary exam and vaccination (4 weeks)
  • Oct. 2: First attempt at crawling (6 weeks)
  • Oct. 5: Sex reveal - it’s a boy! (6 weeks)
  • Oct. 14: Eyes and ears are fully open (7 weeks)
  • Oct. 19: First trip out of the den (8 weeks)
  • Oct. 21: The cub is as round as he is long at 16.5 inches (8 weeks)
  • Oct. 31: First enrichment item received, a pumpkin for Halloween (10 weeks)
  • Nov. 9: Incisors erupt at the gumline (11 weeks)
  • Nov. 23: Receives his name following a public vote - Xiao Qi Ji, which means “Little Miracle” in Mandarin Chinese (13 weeks)
  • Nov. 25: First trip on the outdoor patio and first glimpse of his father (13 weeks)
  • Nov. 26: First steps (13 weeks)
  • Dec. 7: Begins to mouth some bamboo (15 weeks)
  • Late December 2020: Begins climbing rockwork (~17 weeks)
  • Early January 2021: Shows interest in toys (~18 weeks)
  • Jan. 21: First solid food - sweet potato (5 months)
  • Jan. 27: Eats bamboo for the first time (22 weeks)
  • Jan. 31: First encounter with snow (23 weeks)
  • Feb. 8: Eats a leaf-eater biscuit for the first time (24 weeks)
  • Feb. 16: First time in the outdoor habitat (25 weeks)
  • Feb. 21: First taste of applesauce (26 weeks)
  • March 1: First taste of banana (27 weeks)
  • March 12: Explore the moat (area filled with greenery in the front of the habitat) with Mei Xiang (29 weeks)
  • March 22: First taste of apple and pear (30 weeks)
  • Week of April 26: First taste of diluted honey water (36 weeks)
  • May 21: Public debut (9 months)
  • Week of May 24: Voluntarily stepped on large scale (40 weeks)
  • May 2021: First cub-sized fruitsicle
  • June 2021: Learned and mastered behavior "stand up"
  • September 2021: Began losing his deciduous (baby) teeth
  • October 2021: Received his own puzzle feeder for the first time

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Photo/Video Use

Media (news) outlets may use the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute’s giant panda cub photos/videos for news purposes only with credit to Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Approved purposes include: print/online articles, broadcast reports and social media feeds.

Filmmakers that wish to use giant panda cub photos/videos in a documentary must receive approval from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute and the Smithsonian Film Committee. There may be a licensing fee associated with this request. Fill out the Filming Request Form here.   

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Download Photos

Below are high-resolution photos available to download for media purposes. They are listed in reverse chronological order. For individual photo captions, see slideshow at the top of the page.

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