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Zoo News Archive

A three-month-old, male black-footed ferret kit sticks his head, neck and front two paws out of a grey storage bin that acts as a den for the ferrets
Aug. 25, 2021
Each August, the Black-footed Ferret Species Survival Plan assesses the entire black-footed ferret population in human care and determines where the ferrets should go next: to the wild or a breeding...
Giant pandas Xiao Qi Ji (foreground) and Mei Xiang (background) celebrate Xiao Qi Ji's birthday with a panda-friendly fuitsicle cake.
Aug. 21, 2021
This morning, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute celebrated giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji’s (SHIAU-chi-ji) first birthday with a specially tailored fruitsicle cake.
Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Xiao Qi Ji eat mom's 23rd birthday cake together.
Aug. 16, 2021
Media are invited to a presentation of panda-friendly fruitsicle cakes to giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji, his mother Mei Xiang and father Tian Tian. RSVP required, not open to the public.
Two scimitar-horned oryx calves.
Aug. 12, 2021
Ungulate keepers and scientists at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal, Virginia, are celebrating the birth of two scimitar-horned oryx calves born via non-surgical...
Giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji sits atop the indoor rockwork eating an apple.
Aug. 06, 2021
One year ago, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo welcomed Xiao Qi Ji—a precious giant panda born in the midst of a global pandemic. As the giant panda team prepares to celebrate his first birthday Aug....
A sanderling walks on green turf next to a driftwood log.
Aug. 06, 2021
One of the exciting challenges Bird House keepers have had to tackle during construction is how to help our birds feel “at home” even though they are living in temporary housing. The solution: bring...
European glass lizard hatchling
Aug. 06, 2021
The last time European glass lizards hatched at Smithsonian’s National Zoo, it was 1996. Fast forward to today, and 25 years later those hatchlings are adults and—for the first time—have produced...
Keeper Nicole MacCorkle and Bao Bao.
Aug. 06, 2021
Celebrate giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji’s birthday—and Zoo Guardians’ first anniversary—with giant panda keeper and real-life Zoo Guardian, Nicole MacCorkle!
Giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji sits atop the indoor rockwork eating an apple.
Jul. 30, 2021
If there was a competition to see who could balance a ball on their paws in the most adorable manner, giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji would receive a perfect score!
A keeper wearing a blue apron and blue, latex gloves holds three black-footed ferret kits in their hands. You cannot see the keepers' face. The kits eyes are not fully open yet, one has one eye open.
Jul. 27, 2021
After over 6,700 votes cast, the three black-footed ferret kits at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia have received their names.
A black-footed ferret kit looks out an opening of it's plastic, pet carrier.
Jul. 27, 2021
The black-footed ferret kits' receive their names, their two-month exams and some fun enrichment! Get the full ferret family scoop from Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute biologist Adrienne...
a black-footed ferret kit sits curled up in the gloved hand of a keeper
Jul. 20, 2021
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute invites the public to help name three black-footed ferret kits—one female and two males—born May 19 at the Smithsonian Conservation...
Global Health Program staff in Myanmar hold a wrinkle lipped bat
Jul. 14, 2021
Dr. Suzan Murray, director of the Smithsonian Global Health Program, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives on zoonotic diseases and outbreak investigations. 
Potpie's female black-footed ferret kit stands in a small clear, plastic bin placed on a silver scale. The scale reads the kits weight, 3140 grams.
Jul. 13, 2021
Potpie's three kits are more active and playful! Catch them running through their full enclosure outside the den on a brand-new webcam and keep an eye out for their progress on learning to hunt. 
Hartmann's Mountain Zebra Yipes celebrates his first birthday with a "cake" made of hay, grass, pellets, browse and vegetables.
Jul. 02, 2021
Celebrate our Hartmann mountain zebra Yipes turning 1 year old with Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute keepers Tara Buk and Chris Mathews. 
Amur tiger metis swimming
Jul. 02, 2021
The new guy in town is calm, curious and cautious. In other words, he’s one cool cat. Meet Metis, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s new 5-year-old Amur tiger! 
Animal keeper, Ashley Graham, crouches next to a wooden stool-like perch. Her left arm rests on the perch. Male bald eagle, Tioga, perches on Ashley's arm with his wings spread, facing her.
Jul. 02, 2021
With a 6-foot wingspan, sharp talons and an intimidating stare, bald eagles are majestic birds. Meet Tioga and Annie—both of whom were injured in the wild and rescued—at Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s...
Pedestrian entrance to the Smithsonian's National Zoo on Connecticut Ave.
Jun. 30, 2021
Beginning today, June 30, the Smithsonian has approved an increase in the amount of visitors the Smithsonian’s National Zoo can admit daily, and an increase in our building capacities.
A close-up of two flamingos' heads with pink feathers and large, hook-shaped bills
Jun. 29, 2021
There is more to a flamingo than its bright pink feathers. Get to know these delightfully unusual birds with 10 fun facts — some of which may surprise you!
An American Robin, a small bird with a brown and black feathers and a yellow beak, stands in green grass
Jun. 28, 2021
In late April, birds in the mid-Atlantic region began to turn up sick or dying. Scientists are trying to figure out why.
Giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji climbs his favorite pine tree.
Jun. 25, 2021
When it comes to husbandry training, giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji is a quick learner (and a very good boy)!
Potpie's three kits sleep together in a pile in their den. The photo is taken from a bird's eye view.
Jun. 21, 2021
Potpie's three kits turned 1 month old on Saturday, June 19. This birthday is marked by their darkening fur, including the distinctive dark-furred feet and mask! Read on for the full update on our...
Jan. 27 | Giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji had his first taste of bamboo this week!
Jun. 14, 2021
How do you create a menu that is pleasing to the palates of giant pandas, flamingos and fishing cats? With more than 2,700 mouths to feed among 390 species, the Department of Nutrition Science whips...
coral reef
Jun. 09, 2021
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists are one step closer to understanding why some corals can weather climate change better than others, and the secret could be in a specific protein...
An aerial shot of a curving shoreline in Curacao with clear blue water and a grassy and sandy landscape
Jun. 07, 2021
From the deepest trenches to the shallowest shores and across five basins, water circulates in one interconnected system: the world ocean. This World Ocean Day, discover how seemingly different...