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Press Releases

closeup of tiger cub head
Aug. 26, 2013
As kids around the area geared up for the first day of school today, the three-week-old Sumatran tiger cubs at the Smithsonian's National Zoo received their first veterinary exam—and they passed wi... read more
panda cub getting checkup
Aug. 25, 2013
This morning, the panda team at the Smithsonian's National Zoo performed the first neonatal exam (8:56 a.m.) on the giant panda cub born Friday, Aug. 23.... read more
panda with tiny newborn cub
Aug. 23, 2013
Giant panda Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) gave birth to a cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo 5:32 p.m. read more
elephant herd
Aug. 20, 2013
The Smithsonian's National Zoo will welcome three female Asian elephants –Kamala, Swarna and Maharani– next spring, expanding the Zoo's existing herd to seven.... read more
A group of elephants
Aug. 20, 2013
Calgary, AB – After an extensive international search and in-depth review of available accredited facilities, Calgary Zoo officials today announced that plans have been finalized for its three fema... read more
cubs with mom resting
Aug. 08, 2013
The Great Cats team at the Smithsonian's National Zoo is celebrating a conservation victory. The Zoo's female Sumatran tiger, Damai, gave birth to two cubs Monday, Aug. 5.... read more
foal resting
Aug. 01, 2013
Scientists at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute are celebrating the birth of a female Przewalski's (Cha-VAL-skee) horse—the first to be born via artificial insemination.... read more
tiger on trail
Jul. 31, 2013
As economic expansion and development fragments the forest landscape of central India, the species that rely on that habitat—including endangered tigers and leopards—face dwindling populations and... read more
Jul. 26, 2013
Scientists at the Smithsonian's National Zoo confirmed a secondary rise in urinary progesterone in its female giant panda Mei Xiang. ... read more
panda in grass
Jul. 22, 2013
Fans of the giant pandas at the Smithsonian's National Zoo can once again access the panda cams, sponsored by the Ford Motor Company Fund.... read more
Jul. 19, 2013
The National Zoo's senior female cheetah, Tumai, died overnight. read more
Jul. 08, 2013
WHAT: Red panda Rusty—who temporarily left his enclosure at the Smithsonian's National Zoo June 24, 2013—will return to his exhibit tomorrow. ... read more
Jun. 28, 2013
Red panda, Rusty, continues to do well and Zoo veterinarians have confirmed that he is in good health following his rabies booster vaccination.... read more
Asian Elephant Bozie Debuts at the Smithsonian's National Zoo
Jun. 27, 2013
Bozie, a 37-year-old female Asian elephant, made her debut in the Elephant Community Center today. She arrived at the Zoo on May 22 and spent 30 days in quarantine per standard procedure.... read more
Jun. 26, 2013
The popular Pizza Playground at the Smithsonian's National Zoo has a new recipe thanks to a $110,000 donation from Ledo Pizza and donations from Friends of the National Zoo.... read more
Two clouded leopard cubs
Jun. 21, 2013
The onset of summer for animal care staff at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va., means patiently awaiting endangered-animal births, hand-raising youngsters and sayin... read more
mom and cub
Jun. 20, 2013
The daring and adventurous sloth bear cub, Hank, made his public debut at the Smithsonian's National Zoo today. He is the first sloth bear born at the Zoo in seven years. Born Dec.... read more
Jun. 19, 2013
The hottest tickets in town are to see cold-blooded animals at the Smithsonian's National Zoo. Tickets are on sale for exclusive tours of the Zoo's Reptile Discovery Center.... read more
Jun. 18, 2013
WHAT: Sloth bear cub, Hank, will make his media and public debut in his yard with mother Hana.WHEN: Thursday, June 20, 9:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m.... read more
Photo of participants at Brew at the Zoo.
Jun. 14, 2013
Tickets are now on sale for the annual Brew at the Zoo event, held on Thursday, July 11, 2013 from 6 to 9 p.m. read more