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Meet Smithsonian Scientists

How do the lessons in Follow that Bird! apply to a career in zoos, conservation or wildlife? Find out in this series of career videos as you meet Smithsonian scientists Calandra, Autumn-Lynn, Kali, Emily and Eric. Each scientist has a different role in saving species, from research ecologists tracking animal movement to veterinary pathologists performing detective work as they identify diseases. Check out the videos below to learn more. You never know ... a career in conservation could be in your future!

Lesson 1 Career Connection

Meet Calandra Stanley, Ph.D. Candidate

Lesson 2 Career Connection

Meet Autumn-Lynn Harrison, Research Ecologist

Lesson 3 Career Connection

Meet Kali Holder, Veterinary Pathologist

Lesson 4 Career Connection

Meet Emily B. Cohen, Research Ecologist

Lesson 5 Career Connection

Meet Eric Slovak, Assistant Curator of Birds