Follow That Bird! Species Profiles

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Species Profile: Swainson's Hawk

Learn more about the Swainson's hawk, a raptor with a thin body and narrow wings that migrates impressive distances.

Species Profile: Pacific Loon

Learn more about the Pacific loon, thought to be the most abundant loon in North America.

Species Profile: Long-billed Curlew

Learn more about the long-billed curlew, North America's largest shorebird.

Species Profile: Kirtland's Warbler

Learn more about the Kirtland's warbler, an endangered bird that nearly went extinct in the past.

Species Profile: Black-crowned Night Heron

Learn more about the black-crowned night heron, a medium-sized heron with a stocky build, black crown, gray body and bright, red eyes.

Species Profile: Black-bellied Plover

Learn more about the black-bellied plover, a large shorebird with a short neck and a distinctive black belly and face.