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Calandra Stanley

Ph.D Candidate
B.S., York University; M.S., York University; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland (expected 2018)

Calandra Stanley is a Ph.D candidate at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Migratory Bird Center and is interested in the movement ecology and conservation of migratory songbirds. She is interested in understanding how migratory songbirds interact with their environment and the repercussions of these interactions throughout their annual cycle. At the Migratory Bird Center, Stanley is part of the Wood Thrush project and studies seasonal interactions in a linked population of wood thrush that winter in Belize and breed in Indiana. 

Stanley earned her bachelor's and master's of science in biology from York University, Canada. She is currently a Ph.D candidate in biological sciences at the University of Maryland under the supervision of Dr. Peter Marra and Dr. Michele Dudash.
Recent Publications: 

Stanley, C.Q., McKinnon, E.A., Fraser, K.C. MacPherson, M., Casbourn, G., Friesen, L., Marra, P.P., Studds, C.E., Ryder, T.B., Diggs, N., and B.J.M. Stutchbury. 2015. Connectivity of wood thrush breeding, wintering, and migration sites based on range-wide tracking. Conservation Biology 29: 164-174.