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Marc Valitutto

Burch Fellow, Wildlife Veterinarian
B.S., Rutgers University; D.V.M., University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Marc Valitutto is the recipient of the 2016 George E. Burch fellowship in Theoretic Medicine, a prestigious Smithsonian award designed for “distinguished scholars” whose research directly benefits health and medicine. The fellowship allows him to focus on research aligned with Smithsonian Global Health (SGH) initiatives and the One Health platform. Valitutto's experiences in field wildlife medicine and surveillance, as well as extensive independent travel experience in Southeast Asia, make him an asset to the SGH program.

Valitutto has extensive experience with clinical medicine and infectious disease in a wide variety of species, and a particular interest in pangolins. He acted as interim veterinarian at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute from 2011 to 2012, Most recently, he served as the General Curator and Veterinarian for the Staten Island Zoo, managing and developing a staff of over 30 employees.

Valitutto earned his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Rutgers University. He then went on to receive his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and completed a four year residency in zoological medicine and surgery at the Wildlife Conservation Society and Cornell University. Valitutto’s passion for species conservation and the welfare of humans, animals, and the environment is evident in his extensive training and research. Other noteworthy experiences include appearances on The Today Show and Sesame Street.