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Maybellene Gamboa, Ph.D.

Graduate Student
B.S., University of California - Berkeley; Ph.D., Colorado State University, expected 2019

Maybellene Gamboa is a Ph.D. candidate broadly interested in understanding the evolutionary processes that facilitate and maintain adaptation in species along environmental gradients. Specifically, Gamboa aims to infer local adaptation in song sparrows (Melospiza melodia graminea) distributed along a climate gradient on the California Channel Islands. She implements an integrative approach to understanding adaptation by combining genomics, functional morphology and physiology. Ultimately, this research will assist in the identification of a source population for reintroduction to an island where this California species of special concern has been extirpated. 

Gamboa earned a bachelor’s degree at University of Califonia, Berkeley in 2011 where she double-majored in environmental sciences and integrative and comparative biology with an emphasis on ecology and evolution. Gamboa is currently working on her doctoral degree in the graduate degree program in ecology at Colorado State University. She is co-advised by Dr. Cameron K. Ghalambor (Deptartment of Biology, Colorado State University), Dr. W. Chris Funk (Department of Biology, Colorado State University) and Dr. T. Scott Sillett (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center).