Bird Friendly Coffee

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The Bird Friendly® program aims to protect the most quality habitat from the threat of deforestation under the Bird Friendly seal. Bird Friendly coffees come from farms using a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife. It is easy to remember—the gold seal represents the Smithsonian gold standard in conservation.

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Bird Friendly Coffee FAQs

A yellow warbler perched on a branch with green leaves
Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Bird Friendly coffee.

About Bird Friendly Coffee

A black-and-white warbler perched on a tree branch

Bird Friendly certified organic coffees grow under biodiverse shade that provides critical habitat for migratory songbirds and other wildlife, sequesters carbon and fights climate change.

Where to Buy

a mug of coffee on a saucer

Find Bird Friendly® coffee at a store or café near you, or have it shipped directly to your door when you order online.

Meet the Birds

A magnolia warbler, a black and yellow songbird

Shade-grown coffee plantations provide a sanctuary for many migratory bird species. Find out which species spend the winter on coffee farms.