Species Profiles

Consummate Opportunist (American Crow)

Daring to be Different (American Dipper)

The "Christmas Bird" (American Redstart)

The Suburban Bird (American Robin)

Bird of Coffee and Chocolate (Baltimore Oriole)

Bird of the Clouds (Black Swift)

Happy Blue Warbler (Black-throated Blue Warbler)

Fiery Gem (Blackburnian Warbler)

A Migratory Bird with Sexual Equality? (Blue-headed Vireo)

The Prairie Home Companion (Bobolink)

Wind-surfers of the sky (Broad-winged Hawk)

The Dark Side of Migratory Birds (Brown-headed Cowbird)

The Dancing Shorebird (Buff-breasted Sandpiper)

Good for the Goose (Canada Goose)

The Flying Tiger (Cape May Warbler)

Kissing Cousins (Carolina Chickadee)

The Moveable Feaster (Cedar Waxwing)

A Blue Birding Prize (Cerulean Warbler)

Big Mouth, Small White Bib (Common Pauraque)

Warbler in Disguise (Common Yellowthroat)

The Early Bird (Eastern Phoebe)

Better Late than Never… (Eastern Wood-Pewee)

Prairie Dove (Franklin's Gull)

Sitting in the Catbird Seat (Gray Catbird)

Alwright, I Finally Got a Name (Gray Flycatcher)

Toughest of Birds, Dressed Up as a Clown (Harlequin Duck)

Twilight Serenade (Hermit Thrush)

Small Bird, Big Voice (House Wren)

A Stellar Migrant (Indigo Bunting)

An Island of Their Own (Island Scrub-Jay)

Jacked about Pines (Kirtland's Warbler)

Gregarious and Reclusive (Least Flycatcher)

One Small Tern Deserves Another (Least Tern)

Buoyant in Flight (Mississippi Kite)

Swamp Thing (Northern Waterthrush)

Island Misfits (Orange-crowned Warbler)

A Mid-summer and Mid-wood Bird (Ovenbird)

Winged Pirate of the High Seas (Parasitic Jaeger)

The Swamp Songster (Prothonotary Warbler)

Oh, Give Me a Home… (Purple Martin)

Noble in Its Proper Place (Rock Pigeon)

Flower Specialist (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)

The Hummingbird Diet: How To Gain Weight And Keep It (Rufous Hummingbird)

The Troubled Blackbird of the Bog (Rusty Blackbird)

To Breed or not to Breed (Sage Sparrow)

A Mousy Mite (Sedge Wren)

A Wealth of Knowledge from an Everyday Bird (Song Sparrow)

The Bird that Loves the Bees (Summer Tanager)

Bird of the Cowboys and Gauchos (Swainson's Hawk)

Royalty of the Boreal Marshes (Swamp Sparrow)

The Coffee Warbler (Tennessee Warbler)

Bird of Many Voices (White-eyed Vireo)

A Closer Look at an Ordinary Species (White-throated Sparrow)

Conservation Success Story (Willet)

And less Well-known Sap Feeders (Williamson's Sapsucker)

Role Reversal (Wilson's Phalarope)

A "Sing"-ular Sensation (Wood Thrush)

Acrobat of the Aerial Leaf Litter (Worm-eating Warbler)

The Master Sap Tapper (Yellow-bellied Sapsucker)

This Bird is Bound to Berry (Yellow-rumped Warbler)